Version 2.27 released


(Jannis Hermanns) #1
  • FIX: you can change the exercise name by tapping the title
  • FIX: some of you were getting errors when opening the statistics, that should be a thing of the past
  • FIX: muscle groups are assigned automatically for known exercises
  • FIX: in app purchases are properly activated (use the “restore” function in the training plan section)

Decimal fix? Coming right up in the next update!

Wie kann ich einen Trainingsplan kaufen?
PHAT won't download
Assigned muscle groups for exercises
(ggguuu731) #2

Super sweet! Btw, when are y’all gonna add superset/dropset/giantset/failure function?

(flophousedk) #3

Any idea when you expect the decimal issue to be solved?
It might not be the end of the world although calculations, weights, etc. aren’t accurate - BUT it’s been months since it worked…