PHAT Program

PHAT Program

PHAT for strength and fast muscle build-up

The PHAT training program (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training), developed by Layne Norton a pro bodybuilder, stands for mass build-up while increasing strength for heavy power exercises - a mixture of powerlifting and bodybuilding. The idea is simple: The PHAT training system consists of two training days with heavy weights and low rep range as well as three hypertrophy specific training days with a high rep range.

The training principle of PHAT

The training sessions with few repetitions and heavy weights will increase your strength. Hypertrophic training sessions with a higher repetition range per set will stimulate muscle growth, giving you the pump. The increase in strength makes it possible to also go higher on weights during high rep days. The result: Faster muscle growth than you would achieve with a regular traing plan.

Another great advantage of PHAT is the delimitation to classic split training plans where muscle groups are often trained only once a week. With PHAT, each muscle is trained twice a week and thus gets an optimal stimulation.

Quick overview of the PHAT training plan

  • Goal: Increase muscle strength and muscle strength
  • Muscles: Full body training
  • Skill level: Intermediate, pros
  • Equipment: Yes
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Type: Complete training plan with a total of 40 training days

Training program details

The plan consists of 40 training sessions that should be completed within 8 weeks. This results in 5 training and 2 rest days per week. After completing the 40 training session you can repeat the plan as often as you like. The advantage of PHAT is that because of the different stimulation, your body won't get used to the workouts and reaching a plateau is less likely to happen. With slight variations a training after PHAT can last for a 6 months period without any problems.

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